3 ideas to decorate your toilet

3 ideas to decorate your toilet

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Too often overlooked, toilets are a piece that should not be forgotten in the decoration of the house. A quick overview of the possibilities not to be overlooked in the toilets.

With paint

There are several solutions to add color or give a facelift in this space, without repainting everything. For example, you can repaint the door in a different color than the one applied to the walls. Another tip, paint a strip of 10 or 20 centimeters wide that will run on the four walls, about 1.5 meters from the ground. You also give the illusion of a larger room thanks to this technique. There are also tiling paints, which allow you to quickly change the atmosphere without having to redo everything.

With stickers and accessories

There are many stickers that stick to the toilet bowl: original models, design, fun ... For a few euros you can also change the toilet seat. You just have to check the dimensions, the shape and the spacing between the holes to fix it. Some decorative accessories can also set the tone: brush, soap dispenser, toilet paper dispenser, hand towels, mirror…

With furniture

If you plan to do some work, you can opt for a hanging toilet. The installation is more expensive, since it is generally necessary to break part of the wall, raise the pipes and finally rebuild a facade to hide the plumbing. But the result is much more aesthetic. As with walk-in showers, the eye is not caught in the details. It circulates better in the room and thus transmits to the brain an impression of space. Our toilet decoration ideas