What reason for the children's room?

What reason for the children's room?

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To brighten up the children's room and offer them a playful style, the patterns are real allies! But beware, these must be well chosen so as not to interfere with sleep but also to develop the child's imagination. Girl or boy, here are the tips for choosing them.

Girls' favorite patterns

For girls, we will choose patterns of small sizes and discreet enough to match a certain delicacy in the decor. We avoid applying them on the walls and we prefer to play with accessories for a more subtle touch. Bed linen, cushions or a carpet can be adorned with patterns that will set the decor tone of the room. For a romantic atmosphere, the girls appreciate flowers. For a more bucolic country-style spirit, we turn to butterflies and for a contemporary star-style decor, these will be the stars!

Boys' favorite patterns

On the boys' side, the patterns can be more graphic to bring a certain dynamic to the bedroom. And it is really the patterns that will set the decor for the room. For this, we can place some stickers, use a strip of wallpaper or even a frieze. Then accessories like bed linen will respond to the patterns. You can choose the theme of the room with your child and opt for a pattern. Little explorers will appreciate dinosaurs, budding geeks will bet on robots and the most natural on a decoration reminiscent of the farm. Anyway, stay subtle by choosing reasonable size patterns and safe values ​​to prevent your child from getting bored too quickly. Our practical children's bedroom videos