Gardening book: 365 bouquets to make

Gardening book: 365 bouquets to make

There is no shortage of opportunities to offer flowers and a bouquet is a pleasant present to receive. Whether round or high, full of colors or composed of a single variety, the bouquet decorates a room and dresses a table elegantly. 365 bouquets to make teeming with ideas of harmonious bouquets from the classics to the most original. In this practical book, discover tips and explanations for designing beautiful bouquets as well as the meaning of the language of flowers and the seasonality of plants.

Flowers to brighten up a room

A bouquet is a marriage of colors and scents, a beautiful mixture of varieties and various forms, but knowing how to arrange flowers is not easy, you can easily go wrong in the choice of plant varieties and want create an overly fragrant bouquet. Small practical tips allow us to learn how to make a buttonhole, make a bouquet of poppies last, improve the flowering of strelitzias or even make a wreath to decorate your front door.

White, pink, green, blue, red bouquet…

The first part of the book offers us bouquets by type of flowers (variations around jasmine, different bouquets with lilies, compositions with gerberas…), the second part includes ideas for bouquets by color (romantic white bouquets for a wedding table, orange bouquets to bring warm tones, passionately red compositions…). Finally, the book concludes with examples of bouquets according to trends: minimalist bouquet, Zen bouquet, soliflores, compositions for a festive table…

Bouquets from the vegetable patch

And today, bouquets are not just made up of flowers! For Christmas, consider incorporating a candle among your plants. For original compositions, shells, fruits and vegetables make beautiful combinations with flowers and plants. In 365 bouquets to make , discover how to make a bouquet with artichokes, cabbage, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, apples and even strawberries! And why not vary the containers? Apart from vases, bouquets can be placed in a wicker basket, a jar, a carafe or even a gravy boat! The floral arrangements will no longer hold any secrets for you. It's your turn ! 365 bouquets to make Oak leisure January 2012/192 pages / € 12.90