The wastewater discharge slope is too low. What can I do ?

The wastewater discharge slope is too low. What can I do ?

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Answer: redo the slope for the evacuation of wastewater or solve the plumbing problem (improper sizing of the evacuation pipe, too many elbows).

The slope for the evacuation of waste water must be at least 1 cm to 3 cm per meter to guarantee good flow, depending on the configuration. These are the standards in force in the construction sector. More is even better of course. If the slope of your installation is lower, you will have no choice but to have it redone. We should find out why it is not in compliance. But note that if the flow poses a problem, it can also be caused by a bad dimensioning of the drain pipe (a too small diameter), or by elbows in the drain pipe, too many. If you are a plumber at heart, you should be able to get by. Otherwise, quickly contact a professional. You too, send us your brico question