Focus on renewable energies

Focus on renewable energies

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Even if renewable energies are at the heart of ecological news, many questions still arise about these new ways of producing electricity or heating. To help you find your way around, let's take a quick look at the most developed renewable energies.

Why choose renewable energies?

First of all, you should know that in France, energy is not used simply for electricity but also for transport and heat. Choosing renewable energies thus makes it possible to obtain energy for all these activities while limiting the impact on the environment. Indeed, fossil fuels like petroleum pose many ecological problems linked not only to their extraction but also to their use. In addition, the process which allows the creation of this type of energy requires millions of years. The depletion of these resources is therefore inevitable since exploitation is much faster than replenishment. The use of renewable energies is therefore a real alternative to the problems linked to these fossil fuels. Considering these energies today means preparing for the future but also preserving the planet.

Wind turbines: wind energy

Among the renewable energies, the one that calls out the most is perhaps the wind turbine because it is now part of our landscape. It makes it possible to create electricity from the force of the wind much like in the past when millers used their mill to grind the grains of wheat. Wind turbines thus make it possible to assist nuclear power plants in order to offer clean energy. During winter, for example, when the wind blows often, they can supply up to 10% of national electricity consumption. This is a real asset during peaks in energy consumption linked to the cold.

Photovoltaics: the energy of the sun

Each element offers its energy. Thus, photovoltaics makes it possible to use the sun's rays to produce electricity or heat thanks to panels installed both on roofs and in fields. Everyone can equip themselves with photovoltaic panels in a fairly simple way using their roof, which allows them to sell their own energy to EDF and therefore save money on their own bill. And during the summer, solar thermal panels can avoid paying the water bill. And stop conventional wisdom: we can install solar panels in Bordeaux as well as in Strasbourg even if the regions with a lot of sunshine are much more efficient.

Wood: the energy of the earth

Wood is the longest running renewable energy. Heating with wood has become a standard practice and allows a carbon neutral balance even if the combustion of biomass emits CO2. We also note that during its growth, the wood absorbs CO2 from the air which helps balance the balance. On the other hand, to avoid air pollution, it is essential not to carry out combustion in an obsolete device.