4 items to shop at Arteum!

4 items to shop at Arteum!

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Arteum is a concept store of art, design and cultural products. The specificity of Arteum is to offer a large catalog of products through its stores and to find talents because it is both a distributor of cultural products but also an artists' gallery! We have made a small selection of items to shop at Arteum!

MoMA perpetual acrylic calendar red: practical and aesthetic

Enough of the classic calendars whose pages have to be torn off? This perpetual calendar allows you to manually display all the weeks of all the months of the year: slide the rear panel through the frame to display the dates of the desired month!

Le Mondri vase: 3 vases in 1

The colorful MONDRI vase was inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and it appears as a three-dimensional version of his paintings. In addition to being design, this vase can be transformed into 3 different vases depending on the position from which it is placed!

Cardboard stool Graffiti: sculpture furniture

This object is located halfway between the functional and the ornamental. Several patterns are available for more poetry and colors. Solid, it is made of rigid cardboard.

Eclipse lamp: a modular light

An intriguing and fascinating lamp. Made from a single plastic strip wound on itself, the structure can be manipulated to change the shape and orientation of the lighting! The metal feet are equipped with small pads to hold the lamp in different positions.