How to treat a wet ceiling?

How to treat a wet ceiling?

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Answer: sometimes a surface treatment is sufficient.

Like a wall, the humidity of a ceiling can have multiple origins: condensation, infiltration or capillary rise. It is necessary to treat as soon as possible as soon as the fungi or the alveoli appear and persist. In the event of condensation or infiltration, surface treatments may be sufficient. They consist of applying an anti-humidity paint or a water-repellent surface treatment, and this on a healthy surface, with blocked cracks. The treatment is applied in several layers until the product is completely absorbed by the ceiling. A waterproofing anti-humidity coating can also be a solution, but first requires drainage, drying of the ceiling as well as filling in any cracks and holes. For more serious problems, it is advisable to call a professional, especially since his diagnosis will generally be free. You too, send us your DIY question.