Video: sewing a cushion cover

Video: sewing a cushion cover

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Do you want to breathe new life into your interior while making your own decorative elements? Follow the advice of Maud Villaret, textile designer, to make a cushion cover that will dress your sofa with style and originality.

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Prepare the news: 739845 fabric for sewing a standard cushion cover

To make a cushion cover, you will need a pair of scissors, news: 739845 fabric, a tape measure or ruler, and sewing thread. To make a cover that will be used for a standard cushion of 40 x 40 cm, start by cutting the actu: 739845 fabric of your choice crosswise, adding 2 cm of margin to the initial 40 cm. In the direction of the length, count 80 cm (40 + 40), to which we add 15 cm for the flap. Again, leave a margin of one or two centimeters.

Make the cushion cover

Once the news: 739845 cut fabric, iron it by folding it over a length of 40 cm. Mark the sides with an iron. Perform the same operation by folding down the edge, first on a centimeter, then two. Each time, mark the news: 739845 fabric with iron to see the edges of the cushion appear. Then sew the flap in a straight stitching, then the edges of the cushion. Attention: iron and sew the actu: 739845 fabric inside out, so that you can turn it over later. When you're done, turn the cover over and stitch all around to get a border. Your cushion cover is now complete. Thanks to Maud Villaret, all you have to do is put the cushion inside and sit comfortably on the sofa! Watch the Couture video of a cushion cover on Produced by Minute Facile.