Choose the decor of your veranda

Choose the decor of your veranda

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A veritable transition space between the interior and the exterior, the veranda is a little corner of paradise in the home. It feels good in summer and winter, thanks to its large windows which allow us to enjoy the smallest ray of sunshine. By taking particular care in decorating this room, you will see that you will spend your entire days there. Here is a selection of two decorative atmospheres that will integrate perfectly into a veranda.

Scandinavian version

The Scandinavian decor, symbol of purity and simplicity, is particularly suitable for the veranda because it takes advantage of all the light brought by the glazed spaces. In winter, the slightest ray of sunshine will be exploited by this decoration thanks to light wooden furniture and a dominance of immaculate white objects. You can install a soft white sofa highlighted with some colorful cushions, a large light wooden table and benches to accentuate the warm side. As for decorative objects, we focus on softness with candle holders, vases or even a plaid.

Exotic version

This time it is about bringing nature inside as if your garden was infiltrating your home. The veranda is the preferred location for indoor plants and those that need to be sheltered in winter. The furniture will be chosen from among those which are usually intended for the exterior. For materials, we therefore prefer teak, rattan or wrought iron. We do not hesitate to bring items that may seem incongruous in a house like a hammock or even a parasol above the table. Finally, on the accessories side, we stage with an aviary and a luminous garden garland.