The pools innovate for our greatest pleasure!

The pools innovate for our greatest pleasure!

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France is the second country in the world with the most swimming pools, just behind the United States. A craze that has not faltered over the years, supported by an increasingly diverse and accessible offer. Today's pools benefit from numerous technological advances, with sizes and options adapted to all types of budgets. French manufacturers have perfectly integrated the demand and in return offer equipment of high technological and aesthetic quality that meets the expectations and desires of a very large audience. has brought together for you the best of the latest in the field.

Infinity pools

With a mirror effect or directly overlooking the sea (when it is nearby!), The infinity pool is above all a very visual construction and totally in harmony with its environment. The banners compete in imagination to create one-way mirrored optical illusions thanks to a stainless steel background (at Steel & Style), graphic staircase with a glass wall (at L'Esprit Piscine) or even an aquatic effect on several levels (Piscines de France).

Pools of all styles ... and of all sizes!

A simple rectangle bordered by a concrete beach? The time for uniform and dull pools is over! Modular formwork, polyester shells, concrete basin, wooden decks ... Materials and shapes are diversified for our greatest pleasure. The pools are now in tune with the surrounding habitat or landscape (a fine example from Caron Piscine with its Zendo construction and its trendy nature covering). With swimming pools that are becoming more and more like a natural lake or a small beach, individuals have an asset of choice to enhance their property without distorting their land. Another innovation from the manufacturers' side, the XS swimming pool now fits on all terraces and small spaces! Individuals have understood this, it is now unnecessary to have a huge garden to build a swimming pool. The new small urban pools allow you to benefit from a living space around the water installed on a terrace or in a garden (in particular at Caron Piscines and Excel Piscines). Enjoying a moment in complete privacy and in a great conviviality is also the new pool spirit!

The swim lane pools

In full swing, the swimming lanes are riding the sports wave. The swimming pool rediscovers its original vocation as a fitness area with these large, long pools which are perfectly suitable for swimming. The installation of counter-current swimming often supports physical effort while the aquabiking, very popular in fitness centers, makes a muscular immersion in the heart of private pools. Between swimming and weight training, the pool develops other assets, signs of a new vitality.