Video: loosen a bolt

Video: loosen a bolt

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Have you been trying for several minutes to unscrew a bolt, in vain? You need to dismantle a mixer, but you have noticed that it is rusty and you are afraid of not being able to unscrew its bolts? Laid Azzi, from, explains how to loosen a bolt.

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Rust, the enemy of the bolt

A rusty bolt is a very difficult bolt to unscrew. Rust, in fact, swells the bolt and makes it more difficult to maneuver. When swelling, rust has a force of 500 kilos per cm².

Unscrew a rusty or overly tight nut

To unscrew a rusty or overly tight nut, you need two flat pliers or, ideally, two adjustable wrenches, to be able to adjust the width of the grip. Tighten the first adjustable wrench around one of the nuts. Spray a penetrating product on the nut. Leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes: the product will slide along the thread to eat the rust inside the bolt. Then tighten the second adjustable wrench around the other nut, then operate the two wrenches, each in one direction. If the bolt resists, allow the penetrating product to act as long as possible. You can also insert your bolt in a vice, so as to free your two hands and thus have more force to unscrew the other nut. Finally, there are metal tubes in which we insert the handle of the adjustable wrench to be able to operate it further and then obtain a higher force. Thanks to the good advice of Laid Azzi and with a little patience, no bolt should resist you anymore! Watch the video Unclamp a bolt on Produced by Minute Facile.