How to cut glass?

How to cut glass?

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Answer: the safest method is to use a diamond glass cutter.

Using a ruler, trace the cutout with the marker. To facilitate the latter, turn the glass over and coat it with petroleum with a brush along the transparent line. This will facilitate cutting. Always on the same side, rest the ruler along the line, and pass the glass cutter. Uniform pressure must be exerted on the glass. Be sure to wear gloves. The exercise requires skill. Do not hesitate to practice before on unusable pieces of glass. Position the glass at the edge of the workbench. Punch along the groove using the back of the glass cutter. A clear break should appear. If the glass drop has not come off, press down or up with your hands protected with gloves. If the drop is not wide enough for your fingers, use a pair of pliers. Finally polish the very sharp edge of the glass with a polishing stone with circular gestures.

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