Video: an ice cream that has become the center of your heart, entirely made up of mosaics

Video: an ice cream that has become the center of your heart, entirely made up of mosaics

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went to meet Carole Herbillon. After six years spent with the famous luxury manufacturer Cartier, she chose to devote herself entirely to her passion by launching her brand Mosaic-Anais. It restores, customizes and gives a second life to decorative objects or furniture. Not of those which appear in the antique dealers but those which one bargains for on the flea markets and in the garage sales! Her personal creations restore all their luster to small pieces of furniture and accessories which she covers with colorful and fine mosaics. It also works to measure and according to your wishes. Coffee tables, pedestal tables, garden furniture, chairs or shelves, everything that passes between his hands shines with a thousand joyful and poetic fires thanks to the mosaic. Like this new mirror in mosaics to make yourself.

What you need:

- A wooden support in the shape of a heart - A round mirror - Acrylic paint (quick drying 15 min) - A fine paintbrush - A thicker paintbrush or brush - A mosaic pliers - Mosaic tesserae of different colors and sizes - Mosaic glue (drying 10 to 15 min) - Two small mirrored circles - Two small colored balls

Paint the support

- Apply a first coat of paint, starting with the edge of the wooden support with the fine brush. - With a thicker brush, paint a layer on the back of the wooden support. Let dry before applying the 2nd coat on the edge and back. Let it dry.

Paste the mirror

- Place your wooden support on a thick cardboard pad. This will make it easier for you to manipulate the object you are making. - Take the total width of your heart, on the line where it is widest. Center your mirror and use a pencil to trace its outline. Do the same if necessary with the mirrors and decorative beads. - Spread mosaic glue on the back of the mirror. Brush and spread the glue evenly over the entire surface. - Turn the mirror upside down and stick with mosaic glue at the location of the pencil outline. Let it dry and do the same with the small round mirrors. And the colored balls. Check during gluing that the thickness of the glue does not cause the objects you have placed on the support to move. - Leave to dry for about fifteen minutes.

Cut the tesserae

- In our example, the mosaic squares are positioned all around the glass, the other shapes covering the rest of the surface. - Prepare your mosaic tesserae by separating them, color by color. - Make two forms of mosaics: squares first. To do this, slide a tesserae into the mosaic clip and center it using the clip's stopper. Break the tesserae in half, then in half again. Make enough squares to go around the mirror. For the other tesserae, which will constitute a small band all around the heart, cut a square in half, then again in half: you get small rectangles of mosaics.

Apply on the support

- Take the pieces between your fingers or with tweezers. Coat the backs of the squares with glue and glue them all around the mirror. - Do the same with the small strips of tesserae by applying them carefully against the edge of the heart. - Coat generously without fear of overflowing, the entire surface being covered with tesserae. You can optionally wipe off the excess with a small cloth. - Glue a little of the free space remaining around the tesserae already positioned. Randomly place the tesserae of various shapes, triangles, squares, rectangles, as if you were making a puzzle. - Complete all the wooden support. - When the mosaic is finished, apply the joints and smooth if necessary with your fingers. - Install two nails behind the support, pull a cord from one nail to the other. You just have to hang it. Find out more! Mosaic-Anais: //www.mosaic-anais.odexpo Discover the Ebullition collective!