Decorating a studio: instructions

Decorating a studio: instructions

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Lifestyles are evolving and spaces must experiment with functional and adapted solutions. Setting up a studio requires a minimum of organization and method. Composing your own studio consists of combining space optimization, functionality and clever layout. Treat yourself to comfort and modularity in your studio with ideas adapted to your daily life.

Optimize space

In a studio are grouped several activities in the same place. It is important to think carefully about the space and to save as much space as possible. To do this, optimize all available square meters. Start by creating an entrance to your studio to keep your privacy and structure the apartment. Use the height of the room by installing tall shelves. They will be used to store boxes and suitcases. Separate the sitting area from the entrance with a storage unit: this will provide more storage space in the room while dividing the space. Do not hesitate to set up a shelving unit. You can store your books, bags or shoes there. For the sitting area, add headboard storage boxes.

Multifunctional furniture

Choose multifunctional furniture, 2 in 1 or 3 in 1. They will help simplify your daily life by making it comfortable and clever. Inventive, this process of multifunctional furniture allows you to furnish a room without overloading or cluttering the space. The lounge area can then be used as a working, reception and rest area. The multifunctional elements equip your studio in a practical and fun way. The convertible can be used both as a sofa and a bed when unfolded. To save space, opt for a height-adjustable table. Alternately coffee table desk or table for meals, it will perfectly answer the problem of lack of space while being practical and clever.

Spatial planning

In a small space, it is essential to arrange without cluttering. Adopt economical and practical storage solutions. In the kitchen, choose simple and simple shelves that are easy to install for the storage of kitchen utensils or decorative items. For small appliances, attach shelves to the wall and in the blink of an eye, you can put your kitchen equipment. In the studio, shelf, towel rack or coat rack, occupy the space and the walls in their height. Choose useful decorative elements and avoid the superfluous in order to structure and organize the space.