What reasons to choose for the office?

What reasons to choose for the office?

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The office is above all a workspace intended to promote concentration, multiplying the patterns in this room is not necessarily indicated, however, it is also not forbidden to disseminate here and there some fantasies to work in a good mood. Keep in mind that your office must remain functional above all, but it must also be welcoming to make you feel good.

The dynamism of the city

If your ambition is to create an office that invites dynamism and efficiency, choose patterns inspired by the urban universe. Take advantage of the positive vibes of the tireless New York city with Docteur Discount's New York computer desk (€ 185.99) or the creative city of London with the Factory Deco London console (€ 129). You can also choose these patterns for your accessories such as the mouse pad with the London Underground map (€ 11.49 at Amazon).

The comfort of nature

If on the contrary you are more of a stressed natural, in this case opt for a decor that soothes and allows you to offer small decompression phases. Patterns inspired by nature can soften the sometimes a little too austere side of an office by adding a little freshness and lightness. Again, choose useful and pretty accessories like the Communicator Plant pencil holder by Alessi (around € 50) which transforms your little notes into tree leaves. As for the Birdie paper cutter from Pa Design (10 €), it adds a poetic note to the opening of your mail.