What type of joints should I choose for my pavers?

What type of joints should I choose for my pavers?

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Answer: sand and mortar for their accessibility, epoxy resin for its resistance.

The paver joint allows both to fix the paver and to ensure the expansion of the materials over time, while offering a certain aesthetic effect. To make your paver joints, you have four types of material at your disposal: conventional sand, polymer sand, mortar or epoxy resin. Sand and mortar remain the most used materials at present both for their ease of implementation and for their very affordable price. The only drawback is that they degrade over time, and the sand is good for weeds. The epoxy seal is very resistant but rather adapted to specific constraints, in anticipation of high road traffic or the repeated presence of chemicals. You can buy them in DIY stores, or stores specializing in the sale of pavers. You too, send us your brico question