What is a flush door?

What is a flush door?

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Answer: the flush door blends into the background.

We use the flush door so as not to break the decoration of a room. A flush door is a door in harmony with the decor of the room, it literally blends into the decor. In fact, it is sometimes invisible because the flush door has no offset or demarcation in relation to its frame, that is to say in relation to the wall that surrounds it. The hinges, which are hinges to be welded, must remain invisible. The flush door can have various aspects, it can be hinged or pivoting, isoplane or in wooden panels. It has no particular composition, with a little imagination any type of door can be transformed into a flush door. In general, it has a sober appearance, because it must blend into the wall. It is painted the same color as the wall that surrounds it. If the wall has patterns, you can reproduce those patterns on the door. There is no doorframe, and sometimes there is not even a handle. You too, send us your brico question