Domestic robots make our lives easier

Domestic robots make our lives easier

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Who has never dreamed of a robot that would do the cleaning for us? If we are not there yet, technology is still serving the home and installing domestic robots in our interiors. On the program: devices that aim to simplify household chores and everyday gestures.

Simplified everyday tasks

If robots are not yet appearing properly in the home, some household appliances are increasingly incorporating intelligent functions that allow us to simplify everyday gestures. The revolution undoubtedly started in the kitchen where the devices are intended to avoid various chores such as peeling or cutting vegetables. And the success of the food processors does not stop and the innovations combine functions like the latest blender which also makes it possible to heat the preparation. Note also that the essential Thermomix eliminates most kitchen appliances but also pots and pans to simplify meal preparation. As for large appliances, washing machines and dishwashers are getting smarter. We can for example find models that adapt the dose of detergent according to the weight of the laundry or others that measure the degree of soiling to determine the cycle. Others also choose the program according to the type of liquid, powder or tablet detergent.

Autonomous robots

We are still far from the humanoid robots imagined for the future, but we still find robots that are starting to replace humans for certain actions. Since the Roomba vacuum cleaner that vacuums all alone and returns to its base once the job is done, we have seen many other models develop in brands like LG, Hoover or Samsung. These new types of vacuum cleaners can vacuum while you are away from home using a programming system or perform the operation while you are busy with another activity. The niche is growing and we see the appearance of new amazing robots. IRobot offers for example a robot for wash your floors at the push of a button. The robot starts by sucking the soil, diffuses a detergent solution, brushes meticulously and finishes by recovering the dirty water in a tank. It also allows cleaning under furniture thanks to its flat shape and it will of course avoid obstacles. A true evolution of the robot vacuum cleaner, this newcomer makes it possible to envisage the full extent of the possibilities of the robots of the future. And the latest innovation applies to window cleaning with the E.Zicom robot which magnetizes on your windows (double glazing with a thickness ranging from 16 to 28 mm) and sprays in a zigzag a cleaning solution by activating its microfiber pads to ensure cleaning. Ideal for cleaning bay windows or verandas, here is one more robot that will allow you to go about other occupations while cleaning is taking place.