How to set up an office in another room?

How to set up an office in another room?

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In our apartments, space often runs out and it is therefore difficult to dedicate an entire room to the office. However, impossible to do without it! offers you tips and tricks for installing your office in another room such as the living room, bedroom or entry.

Choose the room that will accommodate the office

First of all, it is essential to choose the room that will accommodate your office space. To do this, start by asking yourself the right questions: what is the most spacious room, do I need some quietness to work, what space will be comfortable for an office? Your answers should enlighten you on the ideal place. If you need calm and have enough space in the entrance, choose this space. If you prefer to work while continuing to participate in family life, the living room will be ideal. Finally, if you really need a separate space, the bedroom will probably be the most suitable place for concentration.

How to create the office space?

To create your office space in another room such as the living room, bedroom or entry, you will have to find the right balance. The idea is to separate the office space without cutting off the first room from its original space. In the entrance , it will be absolutely necessary to ensure that the office does not obstruct the passage. The ideal is then to place it in a recess or in a corner to create a dedicated space. For this configuration, you can opt for a desk that closes like a secretary so that no paper flies away when you are not working and to keep your work from view. In terms of decoration, the entrance is often darker than the other rooms and you will have to think about placing very good lighting on the desk. In the living room , you will need to maintain a working atmosphere in a space normally dedicated to conviviality and often on television. In this case, place your desk as far away from the television as possible to minimize noise. To isolate yourself, you can opt for an openwork library that will separate the space without locking yourself in or a screen that can be closed and opened according to your needs. You can also define the space using the decoration, for example by betting on a different paint color or on a strip of wallpaper that will materialize your space. In the bedroom , it is the opposite of the living room because it is the office which this time should not encroach too much on the bedroom so as not to disturb sleep. In this case, it is particularly recommended to separate the spaces with a screen or Japanese panels so that each space has its function. It will be a good idea to paint the whole room in a fairly soft color like blue which will not hinder your concentration or your sleep. Plan office storage so your papers don't clutter up your work surface and you can "log out" after you leave your office.