Guzzini: variation around the color

Guzzini: variation around the color

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From tableware to small appliances and kitchen utensils, Guzzini has sprinkled its colorful and cheerful design in our interiors for 100 years now. The Italian brand, constantly innovating both in terms of shapes and materials, has made it its mission to make our daily lives easier. All the products in the catalog are therefore studied to be used every day, and not to remain religiously locked in the family buffet. Back on a great Italian saga.

Innovate every day

Innovation as the watchword? This is indeed the guideline followed by Guzzini since its creation in 1912 by Enrico Guzzini. This energetic Italian takes advantage of his experiences abroad to start his business in beef horn accessories on his return to Italy. The next generation will undertake the introduction of new materials into the Guzzini catalog with Plexiglas, a completely innovative material for the 1940s. It is from this period that the company will take a close interest in new materials, making from its catalogs a concentrate of avant-garde products. Acrylic molding, gas assisted injection and new plastics will therefore be involved in the manufacturing processes over the years. Added to the futuristic lines and the revolution of two-tone plexiglass objects, these innovative techniques will quickly make Guzzini the essential brand of tableware.

Combine the useful and the pleasant

Guzzini has managed to find the incredible equation to reinvent the art of hospitality every day, skillfully mixing classic and avant-garde materials. The catalog is divided into several ranges, which compile small household appliances, various containers for the home (toothbrush glass, cookie boxes, magazine rack, etc.), dishes, kitchen utensils and tableware. With a clear preference for color, the Italian brand favors transparent and vitamin-rich objects. In the end, we find resistant and playful products, which we use with daily pleasure. Nothing like it to bring a touch of dynamism to your slightly bland kitchen.

A love story with design

Guzzini has always collaborated with designers, who have been present since its inception to support the company in its advance towards the future. For the 100th anniversary of the brand, designers Ora ïto and Carlo Colombo have dressed and imagined its collections, which are innovating more than ever with their materials (especially jeans!) And their lines. A beautiful collaboration that places Guzzini among the pioneers in design for tableware, kitchen utensils and small household appliances.