Mistakes to Avoid in Colocation

Mistakes to Avoid in Colocation

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Living in a shared flat is a real adventure! It will indeed be necessary to learn to live in community and to organize so that the whole colocation works well and is pleasant for each member. And for that, you need a minimum of organization. To help you, we present you the mistakes not to make in colocation.

Don't overlook the surface

The principle of a shared accommodation is to allow you to obtain a larger area than if you rented your apartment on your own. Also, favor pleasant and good sized common areas but do not neglect the rooms either. It is imperative that each roommate has their own room to ensure the proper functioning of the roommate. If possible, make sure that all rooms are the same size. If this is not the case, you can draw lots or offer compensation to the occupant of the least advantageous room. Do not hesitate to start a dialogue in order to be attentive to everyone's expectations.

Don't share everything

If the space is to be shared, this is not the case for your personal belongings! Also, make it a point of honor that everyone uses their own computer, for example. On the one hand, you will avoid queues but also financial problems related to breakdowns or maintenance. Likewise, your room is your private space and no one should enter it without your authorization. You can then place your personal items in this room to prevent them from being used.

Don't behave like you live alone

According to the proverb, the freedom of some ends where that of others begins. And this is all the more true in colocation. It is about living in community and therefore taking others into account. You will avoid noise at late hours, warn your roommates when you receive someone ... But you will also participate in housework and shopping in an equitable manner and leave things as you would like to find them. Respect is the key concept of a shared apartment.

Do not sublet the apartment

To be considered a tenant, it is necessary to sign the rental lease. On the other hand, if you do not sign it and you benefit from the accommodation after payment, it is subletting, which is most of the time prohibited by the owners. Thus, even when there is a change of roommate, it is imperative to sign a new lease which will protect both the owner and the other roommates.

Do not impose your decor

Living together means deciding together and in particular on the decoration of the shared accommodation! Also, do not impose your tastes in the common areas but rather book it in your room. In the common areas, you can opt for a common pot to arrange the space together or choose to each bring your stone to the building. In the latter case, the space will have to please everyone and it is not always easy.

Don't neglect the financial aspect

In a shared flat, money can quickly be a problem. Also, plan a financial organization upon your arrival. Determine together the payment for the shopping and agree on the invoices. It will be imperative to respect all payment deadlines so as not to ask others to take charge of your share.