Waxed concrete on the floor in all rooms

Waxed concrete on the floor in all rooms

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Waxed concrete is the ultra trendy material. He invites himself on the walls, the worktops but also on the floor of all the rooms of the house, whether it is the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, even the kitchen. Waxed concrete adapts to all styles. It brings a contemporary touch to an old interior. This coating is a decorative element in its own right that comes in a palette of refined and very varied colors.

Waxed concrete, the pearl of decoration

Like a precious object, waxed concrete is a fundamental element in today's decoration. It magnifies each room in the home, and for good reason: it is decorative and can be personalized to meet everyone's tastes. Usable outside on a terrace or around the pool, it now finds its place on indoor floors. We like its comfortable and velvety touch very pleasant under bare feet. A significant advantage when it covers the floor of a child's room or a playroom, like that of the bathroom and the shower.

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We also like the multitude of tones in which it is available. In addition, waxed concrete allows free expression both in terms of color contrasts and effects. Smooth, it can also become a unique mosaic, be adorned with designs or inlaid with metal. Waxed concrete is the ideal covering in a very fashionable loft. We are very far now from the polished concrete which was, only twenty years ago, only used in industrial premises or outbuildings intended to shelter animals.

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A waxed concrete bathroom

This concrete-look mortar makes a splash in the bathroom where it can be the star material. On the floor to which it brings a lot of elegance, it is a beautiful effect and easily replaces the tiling. It can thus harmonize with the walls and the plan intended to accommodate the basins. It's up to everyone to choose the finish of their choice, moire, mat or shiny. But do you know that you can also put it in the shower? To ensure a good longevity, it is sufficient in this case to treat it with a very high resistance fungicidal varnish so that it does not undergo the attacks of mold.

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Ultra contemporary cuisine

Waxed concrete naturally invades today's kitchens. Its mineral composition makes it a durable but also ecological material. It can be installed on any support such as tiles or raw cement. The only condition is to fill the support holes first. Waxed concrete allows all the fantasies for a personalized rendering. So it can be treated with lime, floated, washed, with or without resin, for example. It makes a small kitchen visually more spacious thanks to its smooth appearance. Indeed, the ground thus covered is completely devoid of joints. To allow it to resist high temperatures, greasy and water stains for a long time, it is advisable to treat it with an oil and water repellent product. But be aware that this non-porous material retains very little dirt. To maintain its original appearance, simply maintain it with a non-aggressive product suitable for the kitchen floor.

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