What are the different types of dry screed?

What are the different types of dry screed?

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Answer: the dry aggregate screed, the dry screed in particle board and the light concrete vermiculite slab.

Dry screed is essential in renovating attics and old floors. It makes it possible to rehabilitate the floor and guarantee better insulation, both acoustic and thermal. The floor covering is then placed on the screed. There are three types of dry screed on the market. The first is the dry aggregate screed. It is used most of the time in the rehabilitation of roof spaces which are not yet inhabited. The second is the dry screed in particle board. The latter makes it possible to reinforce the stability of the soil and to give it excellent thermal insulation. However, it makes you lose height under the ceiling. Finally, the last possible option which is not really a dry screed: the light vermiculite concrete slab. Much lighter than traditional concrete, it offers good sound insulation and protects you from fires. video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos