Video: create Christmas lights

Video: create Christmas lights

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Do you dream of customizing your old light garlands, but you have no ideas? Anna Pagès offers you a few tips to improve your interior and recycle your Christmas garlands.

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Creation of Christmas garlands: preparing the necessary customization

To customize your old Christmas lights, nothing could be simpler. Take your garland, an assortment of perforated labels with a print you like, a pair of scissors, glue sticks, pieces of ribbon matching your labels, and of course, your electric garland! In a few minutes, you will revive your Christmas garland, and can embellish the circumference of a door, a fireplace, or even your next Christmas tree.

Creation of Christmas tinsel: transition to practice

To embellish your light garland, start by sticking two perforated labels back to back, so that you have a single label decorated on both sides. Do this about thirty times, depending on the length of your Christmas wreath. Then, pass a piece of ribbon in each of the new labels, and tie them elegantly between each light of your garland, as close as possible to the wire, so that they remain stable. Alternate the patterns of your labels, your new garland will only be prettier. Never have your Christmas lights been so envied, thanks to Anna's magical ideas. Find the video Create Christmas garlands on Produced by Minute Facile.