Landscape advice: a maintenance-free garden (or almost)

Landscape advice: a maintenance-free garden (or almost)

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Any garden owner dreams of a beautiful and welcoming garden in any season, which makes you want to relax, unwind, have lunch outside or take a nap in a hammock; But when it comes to mowing, watering or mowing the lawn, the garden can quickly become a chore. Fortunately, there are solutions for landscaping an easy-to-maintain garden.

How to arrange an easy-to-maintain garden?

Here, the lawn has been replaced by ground cover plants such as sedums or dwarf chamomiles, which require very little care once they have covered the space. In order to avoid the proliferation of weeds, the garden is partially covered with slate slabs of different sizes which reveal sedum and chamomile in different places. For beds, decorative grasses such as blue fescue, copper-leaved and angel hair (Stipa tenuifolia ) like poor soils and don't need a lot of watering. They will shelter many species of insects which will devour aphids and pests and will limit the risks of diseases. In the pots, the confetti abélia, with elegant foliage and pretty summer flowers, hardly grows, to avoid pruning. Catalpa bignonioid "Nana" trees or bungei are also known for their natural ball growth and low growth. On the palisade grow honeysuckle, climbing hydrangeas and creeping dwarf charcoals that behave like climbers. Spring bulbs, such as crocuses and tulips are also very easy to grow. This garden requires a little work at start-up, but from the following season, it will give you time to take a nap, we promise!

The gardener's advice

To limit watering chores, don't forget to mulch your plantations, for example with pine bark, wood chips or dead leaves. This will also improve the structure of the soil, promote microbial life and reduce health risks.

The accessories

Garden furniture Also choose garden furniture that is easy to maintain: woven resin furniture is treated to withstand the elements, for example.
Slate slabs Choose slate tiles of different sizes to create a graphic effect.


Perennials and grasses Stipa tenuifolia , Blue fescue (Festuca ovina glauca ), copper-colored sedge (Carex cornans ), Imperata cylindrica "Red Baron"
Flowering plants Tulips, crocuses, climbing hydrangeas, honeysuckle, summer clematis, perennial geraniums, abélia confetti (Abelia x grandiflora "Confetti" ®)
Flooring Upholstered sedum, dwarf chamomile, Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile "Treneague")
Trees Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioïdes "Nana" or bungei )

Estimated budget

The budget for landscaping a garden depends on several criteria: surface area, site preparation, choice of materials and varieties, etc.

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