The bottle lamp, a must-have decoration

The bottle lamp, a must-have decoration

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The decoration brings the glass lamp bases up to date. Very common in the 70s, table lamps made of homemade glass from bottles of alcohol consumed, flowered sideboards and other furniture in the dining room. Without necessarily launching yourself into the manufacture of these lamps, here is a decorative shopping for glass lamps to adopt urgently.

A unique decorative advantage

Forget the prejudices and take a glass lamp. Simple and delicate, the glass feet capture more light compared to the porcelain or wooden feet, to reflect it all the more around it. Thus highlighting the furniture that welcomes it and the decoration that surrounds it, you will be able to adapt it according to your needs and your desires because several colors and shapes are available.

A decorative desire

More fragile than these sisters, the glass lamp will print a vintage side. To get around this spirit choose transparency. Often quite tall and beautiful, it brightly illuminates a sideboard, end tables or a Scandinavian row! You can opt for the most total transparency at AM PM with the large Tourie lamp which is inspired by demijohns, this large glass bottle which was used for the conservation of drinks. More design, the Lucie glass lamp from Seletti amusingly revisits the glass bottle by directly integrating an electric system with neon bulb inside. And in its simplest form, the Torch lamp on lightonline highlights a bottle of champagne. Our practical living room decoration videos