Polaroid star decor for Christmas gifts

Polaroid star decor for Christmas gifts

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The instant photo is on the rise! Whether traditional Polaroid, decorative accessories that are inspired by this type of photo or new instant cameras, the photo is a gift of choice this year. We then help you make your selection to be on top this Christmas.

The revival of instant photography

If the Polaroid is part of our heritage, it almost disappeared in the face of strong competition from digital photography. But it was without counting on a strong demand which has revived this photographic genre. And the vintage boom in the house does not fail to participate in this renewal which places the Polaroid camera as a true icon. Result: decoration brands are inspired by these funny formats for photo frames, photo development brands are proposing to adopt this format and smartphone applications are increasing. The brands even offer new models of cameras to bring this real hobby up to date.

What gift to choose?

There is something for every taste ! For vintage lovers, you can hunt for old Polaroid models. The good news is that even if they don't work, they are real decorative items to display on a shelf for a retro touch in the house. For those who want to get into instant photography, you can bet on the new devices that are much easier to use. You will find them in the historic Polaroid brand but also at Fujifilm which offers Instax cameras. The Christmas darling? The Instax Mini 8 which plays the retro card with its round lines and which dresses in chewable pastel colors. And for those who already own instant cameras, consider the film refills which will always be useful. At Fujifilm, you will even find them with patterns like dots or dalmatian spots for an even more arty touch. Finally, think also of those who have more classic devices by offering them photo frames to transform traditional prints into polaroid or the Polabox which allows you to receive photos of Smartphones in this format. Our practical creative leisure videos