5 mistakes to avoid with bohemian style

5 mistakes to avoid with bohemian style

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The bohemian style is above all warm and colorful. Referring to Travelers, it is inspired by their itinerant lifestyle where objects from elsewhere and colors hold a special place. As in a caravan, your interior must be cozy and welcoming where everyone is welcome and likes to meet. Here are the mistakes to avoid to adopt the bohemian style without false note!

Mistake # 1 with bohemian style: don't bet on color

Color in the bohemian style holds a preponderant place. Frank red, candy pink, turquoise blue, apple green, mustard yellow come together and burst out everywhere. Here, there is no rule that holds! On the contrary, the more you put, the better! A real festival ... Know that color settles mainly on textiles. Cushions, blankets, rugs are adorned with colorful and lively tones. The walls also allow themselves to be seduced by vibrant colors. Blood orange, curry yellow, burgundy red, enliven each room adopting the bohemian style.

Error n ° 2 with the bohemian style: not to get rid of the design style

Forget everything you've read lately. Do not sort and do not store anything anymore! Put all the cushions that have accumulated for decades on your sofa And don't worry, it won't matter if the patterns are different. On the contrary, it's better! Line your floor with several rugs of different sizes and styles. Give up the will to want to tune everything!

Mistake n ° 3 with the bohemian style: not having the soul of a traveler

The bohemian style is inspired by travelers. Also, without having toured the world, the bohemian style highlights traditional objects brought from abroad. Carved tables, wooden sideboard, figurines carved in stone, chiseled mirrors ... Everything is done in an artisanal way for real added value in your decor which showcases local and ancestral knowledge.

Mistake n ° 4 with the bohemian style: not giving importance to the materials

The materials enrich the bohemian style. Preferably natural, you will particularly bet on wool, felt, velvet or cotton. Also, don't hesitate to bet on the embroidery that adorns textiles. It elegantly dresses tablecloths, cushions or even blankets. Likewise on the walls you can put different wallpapers or hang fabrics.

Mistake n ° 5 with bohemian style: do not accumulate objects

If you are a fan of the Zen style or if you like everything to be in its place, this style is not for you. Because for once, excessive accumulation is authorized! Also, do not hesitate to abuse accessories such as candles, lanterns, paintings, lamps ... on shelves, table and on the floor. Accessorized in this way, your interior will gain in cheerfulness and warmth. A key factor for a successful bohemian style. Our practical creative leisure videos